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The Full 45 is a rewarding treatment for the woman on the go!

This service includes all of YOUR favorite SKIN CARE-treats in 45 minutes flat.

Book your under-an hour treatment that will awaken your skin and relax your mind.


Skin is thoroughly massaged with deep cleansing oils. Stimulated, and ready to receive renewal at its finest.

Step 2: 
An application of
a.) Extra Strength Enzyme Exfoliation with added Cinnamon
Strong Enzyme Action
This enzyme treatment tingles and increases skins circulation while fruit enzymes digest dead surface skin cells!
This delicious aroma will not only brighten your skin but brighten your experience with cinnamon heaven.
Great for those who have dull,clogged, flaky skin. Superb for those with skin hyperpigmentation issues from sun exposure, hormones and post acne injury.


b.)30% Organic Lactic-Plus Peel
(Lactic Acid Plus Pumpkin Extract and Pomegranate)
This particular is the a great starting point for first time peelers. Nothing to feel fretful over, Lactic Acid is such a large molecule, that even with a high percentage, its one of the MOST gentle. Pumpkin stimulates and pomegranate helps with exfoliation and stimulating skins nerve endings.
This PEEL is great for
-individuals intolerant to GLYCOLIC ACID


-breakouts of any kind.
-premature age signs (WRINKLES,LINES)
-post acne dark spots
-dehydrated skin
-rough texture
(please note if receiving the LACTIC PEEL, skin must be thoroughly cleansed with ice and cool water AFTER proper peel removal and neutralization of acids on skin.
ORIGINAL STEAM TIME will be shortened due to this process.
The full 45 is a shorter version of original treatment time (60-75 minutes.).
Treatments can also vary from client to client.

Step 3
Lip/Eye/Neck EnzymeTherapyTreatment
These areas will be.smoother, brighter, and skins hydration levels will increase.

Step 4
Hand Treatment
Warm paraffin and hot stones/mitts sooth hands & wrists while replenishing the look and feel of hands.

Step 5
Micro Extractions.
Where you need it and what you need, is my guarantee.. everytime.

Step 6
Micro Power Mask Treatment
Mask is chosen pertaining to skin type and condition. warm compresses are applied over mask with a warm towel.

Step 7
Application of Toner/Astringent, SPF moisturizer and lip balm or hydrating lip plumper by yours truly, Grande Lips.